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Monthly Memberships Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the following notes, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us, thanks!


  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions.

  • You are entitled to use the studio for up to 8 or 16 hours per month depending on the package selected (Basic or Premium).

  • Your time at the studio will be booked via email ( in a first come first serve basis ideally within the first week of every month. Reschedule and any other changes are subject to availability with at least 48 hours of notice.

  • Unused hours are not cumulative or transferable to further months or other members.

  • No shows will count as used time for the duration of the time previously requested.

  • Upgrade from Basic to Premium membership is available with previous notice and full payment of the remaining balance. Downgrade from Premium to Basic membership is not available within the same month.

  • Preferred times for membership bookings are within business hours (9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday). Any bookings out of theses times, may be arranged it with at least 72 hours of notice.

  • A Mas Studios Intl.'s staff member will be available within the premises during every booking to ensure access to the space and provide further assistance if needed.

  • If access to the studio is needed for any other reason than shooting, we may grant access upon confirmation and availability of a staff member. For this we require at least two hours notice to arrange access.

  • Full payment of the membership invoice is due within the first 5 business days of each month and prior to using the space.

  • Membership rates do not include GST.

  • Storage of any kind and equipment rentals (such as lights, tethering station, lenses, etc.) are not included in the membership rate. If these or any other services are needed, Mas Studios Intl. may be able to provide it at an additional charge ( full payment in advance is required. Subject to availability).

  • Communal meeting spaces may be available to use (subject to availability) in addition to membership hours (to meet with clients or plan a shooting, among others) upon previous request and approval via email.

  • Permission is granted to Mas Studios Intl. to use photographs and/or videos of membership holders and anyone with them during their time in our premises. Such content may be used in publications, news releases, social media (such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) and in other communications Mas Studios Intl. may consider appropriate.

  • It is the membership holder's responsibility to communicate any relevant information that may affect their companion during their time at Mas Studios Intl. Relevant information is considered all related details to this or any other agreements held between Mas Studios Intl. and membership holders.

  • Either party can terminate this agreement at any time, with the stipulation that any fees previously paid will not be reimbursed. However, membership holders may still use the studio until the end of the current paid month.

  • This is a month to month agreement. Hence, there is no commitment on either part to continue with the membership after any period of time.

  • If a booking needs to extend over the hours previously booked, remaining unused hours of the current month can be used to fulfill the extra time required (subject to availability).

  • Any additional time (over the membership included hours) will be billed separately at regular price ( full payment in advance is required. Subject to availability).

  • Memberships are special rates offered only to individuals in an effort to support our creative community. Memberships are limited and granted case by case upon Mas Studios Intl.'s approval based on clients profile review. Mas Studios Int. reserves the right to disclose any information related to an unsuccessful membership submission.

  • Individuals and corporations without a membership are subject to full price.

  • This promotion may end at any point in time and without previous communication or consent. 

  • By purchasing any membership package,  agree to Mas Studios Intl.'s Studio Rental Rules & Regulations.

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