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- Can I rent the space for 1 hour?

                   Studio rentals are minimum 2 hours.

- How can I book the studio?

                   You can either book online here, or just send an email with your booking requirements and info to

- What is included in the rental?

                   Light stands, modifiers, modelling boxes, sandbags, and meeting areas.

- Can I rent equipment from the studio?

                   Absolutely! For inquiries just send an email to

-  What services do you offer?

                   We have a very talented team at your disposal when needed! Published photographers, High-end digital retouchers, videographers, makeup & hair artists, wardrobe stylists, assistants, and light techs, among others.

- Is there any parking nearby the studio?

                   There are LOTS of options! There is free 2 hours parking on 15th ave and on 7th st between 15th ave and 16th ave.

- Are there designated areas for shootings?

                   Yes! We have a white cyclorama, a triple 12ft high and 9ft wide paper backdrop system installed on the wall, 2 meeting areas, 2 illuminated mirrors and a large table for hair, and make up (perfect for 2 artists and 2 models at the same time).

- I heard you have a cyclorama, what is that? Can you give me some details about it?

                   Absolutely! Our cyclorama is a beautiful white 3 axis seamless wall. It is 16ft wide by 21ft deep and 12ft tall. 

Can I visit the studio prior to booking?

                   Yes! We'd love to give you a tour and chat about your needs in detail. Just send us an email to to set it up.

- Can I rent the space for events?

                   Definitely! Our space is over 5000 sqft, and as it is a white and wide open space, it is really versatile, allowing us to host art galleries, workshops, and private parties, among many others. Just send us an email to

- If I need models for my shooting can you help me get any?

                   Yes! We work with the best modelling agencies in Canada and can easily facilitate getting the perfect models for your projects.

- Do you have washrooms or changing rooms?

                   In fact we have both, there are washrooms in the building hall only 2 meters away from our space's entrance and we also have a changing room inside the space.

- If I book your studio, do I need to hire any other services? Or are there any other associated costs with it?

                   Nope! There is no obligation to hire any of our in-house services or talents, and the only associated cost, other than what you requested, is its corresponding tax (GST).

- What happens if my rental goes over the stipulated time?

                   As long as there are not any bookings right after yours, you can keep going until you finish your project, then we will just update your invoice to include the extra time.

- When booking time at Mas Studios, can I arrive early to set up?

                   We often have more than one booking/shooting in a single day, and we need to respect everybody's time. Therefore, your setup/prep needs to be part of the booked time.

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