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Check out our productions and experience our captivating imagery, highlighting jewelry, beauty, food, fashion, sports, and more. At Mas Studios Productions, we redefine creativity, capturing your brand's essence with passion. Let's bring your vision to life!


Ol' Beautiful

The client brief included two main objectives:

- Association with Refreshment and Quality

- Simplicity and Naturalness We chose to use sand, ice, and water for filming our beer advertisement.

Mas Studios Productions Beer

These are popular elements commonly used in beer advertising, and we decided to adhere to this tradition. However, our goal was not just to follow the established standards but to approach them with a new perspective. We aimed to convey through our advertisement the feeling of refreshing taste and high quality of beer. At the same time, we wanted to challenge traditional perceptions of what beer advertising looks like. The use of sand, ice, and water in our filming symbolized purity, freshness, and naturalness, aligning with our client's philosophy and helping to highlight their product. See more...


The client brief included two main objectives:

- Shooting cocktails in a specific location

- The imagery should evoke a sense of coziness and tranquility 

Mas Studios Productions Cocktails

We decided to construct a dark setting with a predominant red colour scheme for shooting cocktails for several reasons. Creating contrast: The dark setting and vibrant red colour generate a contrasting and memorable visual impression. This helps to capture attention and emphasize the quality and uniqueness of cocktails. Establishing a cozy atmosphere: The dark ambiance with red accents can create a sense of coziness and luxury, allowing viewers to feel comfortable and drawn to cocktails. See more...

Hillberg & Berk

The client brief included two main objectives:

- Shooting jewelry with 2 different models

- The imagery should evoke a sense elegance and sophistication.

Mas Studios Productions Jewelry

For our jewelry e-commerce campaign, we draw inspiration from popular elements commonly associated with luxury and elegance, aiming to both honor tradition and offer a fresh perspective. Our objective is not merely to adhere to established standards, but to redefine them with a modern twist. Our advertisement seeks to evoke the essence of timeless beauty and superior craftsmanship inherent in our jewelry pieces. Through the use of exquisite lighting and captivating visuals, we aim to convey the allure and sophistication of our jewelry collection, inviting viewers to indulge in the experience of luxury and refinement. See more...

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