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Tests Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the following  notes, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us, thanks!

  • This rate applies for model agencies only. Therefore, this information will remain confidential between the agency and Mas Studios Intl.

  • This offer is a final sale and refunds do not apply.

  • Cancellations or booking changes require a minimum of 48 hours.

  • No-shows will not be refunded or rescheduled.

  • Client will be able to reschedule the booking once.

  • The rate mentioned applies for one (1) model only.

  • This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.

  • All shootings will take place at the Mas Studios Intl. facilities. No shootings on location unless otherwise agreed.

  • A full payment in advance in required to book the session.

  • Price does not include GST. 

On shooting day:

  • Models should come with freshly washed hair and no makeup. 

  • Please bring a model kit including a strapless black and a nude bra as well as thong underwear, black and white tank tops or tube tops, black pants and a bodysuit.

  • Please bring a few shoe options.

  • Please shave legs, armpits and bikini zone.

  • No artificial nail colours

  • Make sure you sleep well and drink enough water, so your skin looks fabulous.

  • Please use a scent fee deodorant.

  • Do not use perfume or lotion.

Property Damage:

  • The Client is responsible for any damage caused to the studio during its use for a photo shoot, video shoot or any other event held at Mas Studios Intl. 

  • Should any damages to the property occur during use, the Client will be responsible for all incurring costs related to said damages.

  • When making use of the cyclorama, the following rules apply:

- No street shoes on the cyclorama.

- Do not stand, sit or place any equipment on the curves of the cyclorama.

- No jumping using high heels on the cyclorama.

- Do not drag any equipment over the surface, always lift or roll equipment.

- It is the Client’s responsibility to inform any of their clients or subcontractors of the rules listed above and enforce said rules. 


  • It is the responsibility of the Client to leave the premises in clean and good condition. A $100.00 cleaning fee will be charged on a separate invoice should the premises not be left in the condition of which it was received. 

Personal Damage:

  • The Client assumes all risk of personal injury, including death and damage to personal property sustained during the use of the Studio facility and or its equipment. The Client releases the Studio from any and all liability relating to any injury, death or damages suffered by the attendees during the duration of use whether due to negligence of the released parties, their respective agents, or peers.​


  • Cancellations with more than three business days are subject to 50% deposit fee.

  • Cancellations within three business days or less are subject to a full deposit fee.

  • No-shows will not be refunded or rescheduled.

  • This policy applies to all confirmed bookings.


  • The studio may be used for legal business activities only. There is absolutely NO SMOKING, VAPING or CONSUMPTION OF ANY PSYCOACTIVE SUBSTANCES allowed in the building. Alcohol consumption may be allowed upon previous written request by the Renter(s) and approval by the Owner.

  • All COVID-19 regulations and restrictions applicable to our business are enforced. For more information please visit Alberta's Website.


Here are some examples of work.

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